Poetry Corner: The Ghosts of

The unexpected arrival of once thought forgotten memories The sometime gentle wafting strokes of once lost joy soothing todays brow Or the searing broken of betrayal that blackens every petal of everlasting night The pearls and turns of yesteryear remind us of those we lost And the future tries to promise balance in friends not… Continue reading Poetry Corner: The Ghosts of


Poetry Corner: The Passing of Pitch and Toss

The ghosts of the past they don’t talk to me much anymore Futures lost don’t write me with possibilities that could have been Today, it forgets me, a candle with no need of wisdom, it soon shall flicker   Time moves on, I am an artefact of memory, no longer needed Friends like time, lost… Continue reading Poetry Corner: The Passing of Pitch and Toss

Poetry Corner: Isolation

The isolation of confusion, The solitary of truth Our dimly lit existence I don’t know how much time is left Every second is a moment of forever And yet it may be never   It feels like the rain It doesn’t feel like pain The numbness of persistence What matters doesn’t matter Could the lights… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Isolation

Poetry Corner: Down by the River

I want to tell a story of a one-time happy boy Playing carefree by the river with his favourite toy Our picnic by the canal with cucumber sandwiches and joy I want to tell a story and describe the tartan rug And talk about a little rowing boat that nearly sunk   I want to… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Down by the River

Monday Night Reflection – Ray Lewis

Many people won’t know who Ray Lewis is, they can Google and see he was an American Footballer playing Linebacker for the Baltimore Raven’s, and the story ends there. However, for many Ray Lewis is a familiar name. For some the story of Ray Lewis ends outside a night club with a fatal shooting, pop… Continue reading Monday Night Reflection – Ray Lewis

Monday Night Reflection: Logan

Apologies to those who haven’t seen the film, this will no doubt have a spoiler in it. This is not a film review, instead, Logan, like other fictional works became a mirror in which I could see myself more clearly. Great writing, great story telling, whatever the medium talks intimately to its audience, the very… Continue reading Monday Night Reflection: Logan

Poetry Corner: The Captain and Jack

The Captain and Jack are gone Cheaper, rougher whores are what it takes The mixer shrinks and the ice it melts The fog no longer dims the lights   The empty bottles of my dynasty, Recycled like my stories of glory days The bitter taste of regret Diluted with bourbon or rum till I forget… Continue reading Poetry Corner: The Captain and Jack

Thinking Out Loud : Swimming Gala

It is not that often I like to go back to my childhood and specific incidents within it. I feel that they are done with and that now I have largely accepted what was faulty with it and done my best to move on and be practical in dealing with the here and now. I… Continue reading Thinking Out Loud : Swimming Gala

Poetry Corner: Open Letter

There is a bed for you in my house Always was and always will be You are my son, my boy I don’t know you like I once did Your mum made sure of that I’m sorry I don’t know so much What picture to put on your wall, Or duvet cover on your bed… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Open Letter