Photography: Ringtons Tea


Poetry Corner: Open Letter

There is a bed for you in my house Always was and always will be You are my son, my boy I don’t know you like I once did Your mum made sure of that I’m sorry I don’t know so much What picture to put on your wall, Or duvet cover on your bed… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Open Letter

Thinking Out Loud: Not Working?

Am I not working anymore? I’ve been ill for 5 months, and without really paying it attention my paid employment stopped, I am no longer on volunteer rosters, my earnings and my contribution are gone. On the one hand, I have my new business venture, which has a small amount of money in the bank… Continue reading Thinking Out Loud: Not Working?

Poetry Corner: Supermarket Aisle

You stand looking so very glum With your wife looking at pillows No idea how lucky you are Stood with your wife of oh so many years Life blessed you to grow old together Why do you squander the happiness? Trample on the gift with no regard Some of you sit in cars and wait… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Supermarket Aisle

Poetry Corner: Me

I’m lost in darkness I’m walking tall I’m talking fast I’m saying nothing at all My smile is real My smile is fake My concern is real My indifference is fake My pain too much My relief too fleeting My goal is distant My dream too precious I’m making sense I’m blank I’m riding the… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Me

Monday Night Reflection: Gluten Free Cookies

Christmas time is rich in reflective material, for me the week before Christmas day was one of visiting old friends and so was especially rich meaningful for me. I saw Katherine Jenkins in Concert on the Friday before just to give the week an extra special feel. However, what seems relevant, at this moment, is… Continue reading Monday Night Reflection: Gluten Free Cookies

Thinking Out Loud: Just in Tyne

I have been looking forward to seeing old friends in Newcastle since the day we finalised it. Sadly, they are just far enough away to preclude a practical day trip and weekends for us both are somewhat hard to co-ordinate. However, the school holidays and a little alignment from the Stars meant 2 days together.… Continue reading Thinking Out Loud: Just in Tyne

Photography: Just in Tyne

December view of the River Tyne from The Baltic Viewing Terrace The top 2 photos are the raw shots and the bottom one has been edited so the beautiful City and River Can look their best.

Monday Night Reflection: Home

It is just a place, me and the other grubby children with dirty faces playing down the park or on the green. Stopping for cars, our little junction serving as our centre court had few interruptions and rain only stopped play when our mothers said so. We ran, rode our bikes, never new but often… Continue reading Monday Night Reflection: Home

Poetry Corner: Certificate

It just says November, a time now far away, Not a date, no mention of a day, I never went, no pictures or gown, No handshake from a relative of the crown, On a weekday I will have gone to work, No excuses about missing Church, No proud parents or friends I made, Another workday… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Certificate