Poetry Corner: I Didn’t Ask for Yesteryear

I didn’t ask for yesteryear, the objects of the past they seem so near Perhaps when I look back they are simply further than they appear What is it I am clutching close, is it the rope of a hangman’s’ noose Not the indentured servant, nor cotton picking slave, but fattened goose When you wait… Continue reading Poetry Corner: I Didn’t Ask for Yesteryear


Poetry Corner: Domestic

Hazelnut eyes and plain brown hair No thousand mile gaze, just an eight mile stare Add a smile to conceal your nightmare Pretend smiles and a jocular air Papering the cracks no one knows are there Happiness? So preciously rare In the dark of loneliness, no one to care A book of memories barren and… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Domestic

Dear Diary: Look Down on Me?

Most days a look of contempt or disdain is nothing to me, the opinion of some random non-entity who knows nothing of who I am Today it bothered me: today I wanted to shake her and ask who are you to think for one minute you are better than me? No one is better than… Continue reading Dear Diary: Look Down on Me?

Monday Night Reflection: Darkness

  I don’t want to reflect, I don’t want to create, I don’t want to be kind, I don’t want to be compassionate, I want nothing to do with people or the world, in fact, to echo Alfred’s characterisation of the Joker, I just want to watch the world burn. This is not depression, this… Continue reading Monday Night Reflection: Darkness

Poetry Corner: Code

You sit there knowing, a consequence is due The look, the touch, the phrase, you freeze Exposed, vulnerable, out in the open Panic, run, run with your heart pounding Nowhere to go, no hiding place Tell someone you would not dare   No one would believe you drummed in your head Everyone knows you have… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Code

Poetry Corner – Happily Everafter

Once upon a time, that is how the story goes Lies of happy endings and no more woes Fairytale princesses, dashing prince such a gent No dark secrets, no private sorrow to lament   Down the aisle, bathed in whites, joy to the day The torture you endure you dare not say You smile, you… Continue reading Poetry Corner – Happily Everafter

Poetry Corner: Regent

With heavy heart and weary soul My thoughts turned to that cliché I think of the people who will never know The truth that haunts me now The kind, the gentle and warm hearted Generous of all they gave I arrived rejected, bitter and weary Never accepted, never one and all You took me in… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Regent

Monday Night Reflection: Trumped

Although a week is only seven days long, this last one has felt much longer. It started badly with no progress from meeting my Doctor, and then the new medication to help the pain turned out to not only have side effects in the common category that are worse than the pain, so I am… Continue reading Monday Night Reflection: Trumped

Monday Night Reflection: Blog On

Every-so-often, I do look back at this Blog, read my squeeks and contemplate how things have changed. As the New Year approached I started to think about the future because material has been gradually accumulating, I even downloaded and printed out a blog planner, and started a blog ideas notebook just to help me on… Continue reading Monday Night Reflection: Blog On

Poetry Corner: Sat Here Crying

  Sat here crying It wasn’t your place to say goodbye Not up to you to end it all You stole so much and you stole the end Took my pain passed it off as yours My broken bones you supposedly possess Talk of hurt you never felt only inflicted I am your picture in… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Sat Here Crying